May 11th 1942


Dear Jim,

            A few lines to thank you for the book of Shelley verse and the ‘Countryman’ you sent to me. They are both very acceptable and came at a good time as I am going to sea today for about twenty-five days. Both parcels came together but the enclosed letters were dated about a month apart.

            I listened to Churchill on the radio last night and I thought he sounded much more encouraging than in his last few speeches. He always leaves the impression that there is no doubt about the final outcome of it all. Out here we are still waiting to hear the results of the battle of the Coral Seas. Sooner or later the Japanese will get it where the chicken got the chopper.

            One of the reasons for writing this short note is to inform you that I am now on another boat which means a change of address. It is now H.M. s/m TURBULENT.  Still a submarine but of a later type than the last one. I’ll write you a long letter at sea this time and mail it as soon as I return. Wishing you the best of luck and thanks again for the books.