JAN.26TH 1943

Dear Jim,

Just a few lines to say ‘hello’ again. Hope you received my letter written about a week ago. There has been no further communication from you since that last airgraph which I mentioned in my letter. Some of the crew have had a few airgraphs since but my luck was out this time I’m afraid. By the looks of things it will be some time before there is any more mail for us.

It has been quite cold here this time in – especially at night. Not as cold as it will be in England at this time of year, but cold enough. Plenty of sunshine in the daytime of course and very healthy weather.

Hope you have been more fortunate in getting some of letters [sic] lately. There is not too many of them at the best of times.

How are you bearing up under your English winter? Have a little patience it won’t be long before spring is there.

            Good luck and good health